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Supporting teachers to improve educational outcomes for all children
Trauma can happen following any terrible or life-threatening event or sequence of events and we now understand more about its impact on the brain’s ability to engage in learning. Children and young people who have experienced trauma often struggle to concentrate in school, can be seen as disruptive in class, or simply find learning difficult.

We are a social enterprise committed to supporting teachers to build safe learning environments, attuned to the needs of children who have experienced trauma and adversity

Services for teachers and schools

We offer a range of training and consultancy services to teachers and schools, which aim to support teachers in improving educational outcomes for all children. Talk to us about a complete package for your school

What we do

Upcoming Events

Introductory Webinar: A trauma responsive appraoch to teaching and learning in a pandemic

Wednesday 3rd February 2021 7.00pm - 8.00pm 
Online via Zoom
€15 | Free for members

This introductory session introduces the topic of trauma in the classroom and explains the different types of trauma that children may have experienced or may still be experiencing. We also delve into the collective trauma that everyone has experienced as a result of the pandemic and how this may show up in the classroom. In addition, we will also provide some practical techniques to help schools manage this trauma and minimise the impact on staff and students alike.
NEW WEBINAR: A trauma responsive approach to managing anxiety in teaching and learning
Wednesday 10th February 2021 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Online via Zoom €35 | FREE or €25 for members (depending on membership level)

The uncertainty and changes brought about by the COVID19 pandemic are fuelling much anxiety amongst teaching staff. Juggling remote learning with other committments is particularly draining. And worries about the safety of new routines and fear of spreading the virus may cause many teachers to be anxious about returning to school again. Schools may face challenges from parents at a time when they are having to put plans in place with minimal experience of their effectiveness an no definite end in sight.
This webinar for school staff will look at ways of understanding and working with these anxieties and dealing with any possible conflicts arising from misunderstandings and fear.
NEW WEBINAR: Understanding intergenerational trauma: breaking the cycle
Tuesday 9th March 2021 7.00pm - 8.00pm 
Online via Zoom
€35 | FREE or €25 for members (depending on membership level)

Intergenerational trauma is a psychological term used to describe the transfer of trauma from one generation to the next. A classic example would be substance abuse that causes a cycle of addiction and anxiety to persit in families. In this webinar we explore the effects of intergenerational trauma and how this type of trauma might show up in our education systems - not just amongst students but also amongst the teaching staff themselves. We will talk about the latest research on breaking these negative cycles and how these can be applied in schools.  

At Trauma Responsive Education we are a movement of like-minded professionals, connected in our desire to build trauma-responsive schools. We want to boost the resilience of children and staff, and advocate for education which is truly trauma responsive

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If you believe in our ideals, and want to make a difference for children in your classroom, join our community
As a member of Trauma Responsive Education, you will have access to the latest evidence-based training on trauma in education. In addition, you will be part of a community of like-minded professionals, who can share best practice and are all connected in their desire to build trauma-responsive schools

Services for teachers and schools

Trauma Webinar Series
Our series of webinars focus on supporting schools in developing a trauma responsive approach. They offer practical tips for educators on how they can deal with trauma amongst their students and respond effectively to enable positive educational outcomes for children. 
Training Courses
We offer the unique chance to attend in-depth training courses with Marie Delaney, based on her best selling books. Each course includes a copy of the accompanying book. The first of these courses is Attachment for Teachers and will run in 2020. ‘Teaching the Unteachable’ and ‘What can I do with the kid who..’ will run in early 2021.
Trauma Informed Reflective Supervision
Staff have a need for a safe space to reflect on and process the challenges and successes of their work. This is known as supervision. In response to the growing need for staff support in schools we are offering work-based supervision for any staff member in schools. 
Whole School Audit
We offer schools the opportunity to complete a whole school audit of current practice through the trauma-informed lens. This allows schools to highlight and extend areas of good practice, choose areas for development and link trauma-responsive planning with their existing whole school development plan. 
Whole school Training (eligible for Croke Park hours)
We offer bespoke training for the whole staff group in your school on identifying those students who are showing signs of trauma in school and developing strategies to support these students. We will work with you to offer a tailor-made training to suit your school’s needs.
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Who we are

Marie Delaney
Marie is a teacher, educational psychotherapist, trainer and writer. Her teachings have inspired a generation of teachers to think outside the box and to challenge their thinking on managing behaviour. She equips teachers with practical strategies to engage all students and does it all with a sense of humour.

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Lisa McSherry
Lisa is an experienced researcher, endlessly curious, and leaves no stone unturned in her insistence on getting to the root of an issue. She has a keen interest in trauma and is fascinated by the latest trends in neuroscience and how this fits in with trauma-informed and trauma-responsive education.

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@AdeleBatesZ @TraumaRespEd committed to supporting teachers to build safe learning environments, attuned to the needs of children who have experienced trauma and adversity

Great to see a #traumainformed Vice President @KamalaHarris enter the #WhiteHouse alongside First Lady @DrBiden who is also a teacher & education expert.

It’s a good day for educators and those who care about educational outcomes for children 🎉👏
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Our Principles

Collaborate & Communicate
Advocate & Aspire
Resource & Reframe
Educate & Energise
Collaboration and communication are at the core of what we do. We rely on our members to spread the word and help us to create a trauma-responsive education system.
We aspire to be a movement which can truly change things for the better and advocate at all levels for children who have experienced trauma and adversity in life.
We aim to resource educators with the skills they need to recognise and reframe trauma in their classrooms.
Education is at the heart of our social enterprise. But we also want to energise teachers to do this work. You can do it!

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