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Becoming a trauma responsive educator
5-day intensive training course

Are you concerned about students in your classroom who have been impacted by trauma?

Do you have students who despite your best efforts are struggling to settle to learn?

We are delighted to offer our intensive “Becoming a Trauma Responsive Educator” 5-day online training programme with support from Rethink Ireland.

Delivered by best-selling author, teacher and educational psychotherapist, Marie Delaney

Suitable for staff in all types of educational settings who wish to become more trauma informed and trauma responsive

A certificate of attendance will be issued

We plan to start this training course in late September 2022.

This programme will run online during school hours so you will need approval from your school principal and teaching cover to attend. Spaces are limited.

Please contact us with your name, role, type of school and the reason you would like to take part.

We encourage schools to apply for more than one place for their staff to support the embedding of this approach in your school.

FREE information session for principals:

Wednesday 7th September 2022 11.00am-11.45am


Monday 12th September 2022 9.30am - 10.15am

Information session is FREE | Contact us for 5-day course fees

Kindly supported by Rethink Ireland
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This training course has a strong emphasis on the practical applications of trauma theory in classrooms and ways this relates to teaching, learning and behaviour.

The course content will include:
- How to define trauma
- Recognising indicators of trauma in the classroom
- Understanding the effects of trauma and poor attachment on teaching, learning and behaviour
- Identifying ways to create emotional and physical safety in school
- Suggested practical techniques and strategies to use with your pupils
- Ways to work in a trauma-informed way with the local community and parents/carers,

Challenging thinking on challenging behaviour
5-day intensive training course


More information to follow

This is a huge opportunity for staff based in Europe to develop professionally, learn and gain experience in Ireland, and swap ideas and best practice with an international network. This in turn can improve staff employability and language skills.

Delivered by best-selling author, teacher and educational psychotherapist, Marie Delaney

A certificate of attendance will be issued


Monday 3rd July to Friday 7th July 2023


Monday 10th July to Friday 14th July 2023

Crosshaven, Co Cork, Ireland

Eligible for Erasmus Plus Funding

Please contact us for further information and to book places for your school

Attachment for Teachers

Have you got students who seem unreachable, for whom your best strategies are not working? The student who cannot focus and sit still? The student who continually interrupts? The student who is withdrawn and not engaged? The student who easily becomes angry and aggressive? The student who seems to want to control the class? These may be students with attachment difficulties.

Duration : 3 x 2 hour sessions:

Includes a copy of the book
‘Attachment for Teachers’ by Marie Delaney

We plan to run Attachment for Teachers again in January 2022

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Every teacher needs to understand the importance of attachment in schools because securely attached pupils can make good use of learning opportunities, trust the adults in the school and manage the challenges of school well. However many pupils come into our classes everyday unable to settle to learn, with preoccupied minds, feeling insecure and mistrustful. They may have learned behaviours which keep them safe outside school but which are not appropriate in school. They often show their fears and anxieties through challenging behaviour and disengagement from learning.

In this course, based on the best-selling book by Marie Delaney ‘Attachment for Teachers’, we will look at the different types of insecure attachment, how this shows up in school and practical strategies for teachers to use to support these pupils.

Topics covered will include:
- Who are these pupils? – How insecure attachment shows up in school
- The links between attachment, learning and behaviour
- Understanding the difference between behaviour management and behaviour change
- Effective use of teacher language for classroom management and skills development
- The curriculum as a vehicle for change and skills development
- Applying the thinking to specific case studies of pupils with suggested strategies
- Tips for teachers to retain their own sanity
- Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss how to apply their new knowledge to their own pupils and to engage with like-minded teachers for support and ideas. 

Teaching the Unteachable

Are there students in your class who you just can't seem to be able to teach? Students who constantly challenge and frustrate you? Who you spend hours of your time discussing and planning how to work with them? This course gives you a framework for understanding this type of challenging behaviour and helps you to see these students through a new lens, offering practical strategies for improving the teacher-student relationship.

Duration: 3 x 2 hour sessions

Includes a copy of the book
Teaching the Unteachable’ by Marie Delaney

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There are some pupils who just seem unteachable and unreachable. Their behaviour constantly challenges and distresses us. Even the most experienced teachers can feel de-skilled and frustrated. We often spend many hours in school discussing these students and trying to make plans for working with them. This course will present a framework for understanding challenging behaviour as a form of communication of unmet needs. It will offer practical ways to recognise and change negative interaction patterns between teachers and students. It will also consider the impact of challenging behaviour on the teacher and the ways in which teachers can manage this more effectively.

Topics covered will include:
- Why some students are more difficult to teach
- Why tried and trusted behaviour management techniques sometimes don’t work
- The difference between behaviour management and behaviour change
- Recognising and disrupting negative patterns of interaction
- The effects of trauma on the brain and learning
- The importance of play and games
- Conscious and unconscious processes which affect readiness for teaching and learning
- Managing your reactions and interventions
- Developing practical classroom strategies to deal with challenging behaviour
- Participants will also have an opportunity to discuss how to apply their new knowledge to their own pupils and to engage with like-minded teachers for support and ideas. 

What can I do with the kid who….?

Duration: 3 x 2 hour sessions 

Includes a copy of the book
What can I do with the kid who...’ by Marie Delaney

Please contact us if you would like to be added to the waiting list for 'What can I do with the kid who...?

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Every teacher knows that there is always going to be at least one challenging student in any class, a student who takes up huge amounts of your time, energy, patience and goodwill. Building on the ideas presented in ‘Teaching the Unteachable’, this course looks at 7 behaviours which teachers worldwide find disruptive and worrying. Participants will work through detailed case studies using the RETHINK model, developed by Marie Delaney, to work out strategies for what to do and what to say to enable students to settle to learn.

Topics covered will include:
- Introduction of the RETHINK model
- The kid who continually calls out
- The kid who rubbishes their work and the teacher
- The kid who is too quiet and withdrawn
- The kid who bullies the teacher
- The kid who can’t sit still
- The kid who can’t remember anything
- The kid who controls the classroom
- Working with parents/carers using the RETHINK model
- Working with other colleagues using the RETHINK model
- Participants will have an opportunity to relate the learning from the case studies to their own specific examples and to engage with like-minded teachers for support and ideas. 


More information on our trainer
Marie Delaney
Marie is a teacher, educational psychotherapist, trainer and writer. Her teachings have inspired a generation of teachers to think outside the box and to challenge their thinking on managing behaviour. She equips teachers with practical strategies to engage all students and does it all with a sense of humour.

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